Aries Zodiac Paper Cut Art / Geometric Zodiac Wall Art / Laser Engraved Aries Birthday Gift / 3D Papercut Star Sign Wall Decor



Aries Zodiac Paper Cut Art / Geometric Zodiac Wall Art / Laser Engraved Aries Birthday Gift / 3D Papercut Star Sign Wall Decor

  • Materials: Medium: Paper
  • Height: 20 centimetres
  • Width: 20 centimetres
  • Depth: 0.5 centimetres

A unique and intricately cut paper art for the zodiac Aries (March 21 – April 19). It is made with 9 layers of delicately cut 300gsm thick paper (copy machine uses 80gsm paper). The 3D paper art comes to life under light, with shadows adding dimensions to the layered artwork.

A sophisticated and totally unique artwork that is the perfect gift for someone’s birthday or even as a wall decor just for yourself. Something that any Aries would cherish for a long time.



The zodiac artwork has a lengthy making process.
● Starting with zodiac research and understanding individual traits.
● Then deciding on how to portray it all with design elements and colors.
● Followed by designing the zodiacs and converting the 2D drawings into 3D.
● After this the final cutting and layering is done.

The paper sculpture takes over 100 hours in its making.
A high level of precision and concentration is required as even a small error could lead to redoing the entire design.


● Everything, from the colors to the design to the subtle elements, is symbolic to Aries.
● The bright colors red , orange and yellow best capture the feisty, dynamic, bold, courageous and independent traits of an Aries.
● The constellation of Aries is etched at the bottom of the design while its symbol is at the top.
● The background is a mesh of flame shaped design illustrating the element Fire that Aries belongs to.
● What makes it truly personal, is the customized birth date etched at the bottom right corner of the paper artwork.