Floral Macbook Pro 13 2019 Case Macbook Pro Case Macbook Case Pro 13 Macbook Pro 15 Hard Floral Case Macbook Hard Case Laptop Case



Floral Macbook Pro 13 2019 Case Macbook Pro Case Macbook Case Pro 13 Macbook Pro 15 Hard Floral Case Macbook Hard Case Laptop Case 

  • Handmade

Materials: Plastic, Eco inks

Welcome to the Art Cases Design!

Here you can choose the HARD case for your MacBook ❤

Looking for a unique design that speaks your personality? Take a look around. You are in the right place ☺

What is better than to protect your precious MacBook from scratches and drops and spoil it with beautiful art from ArtCasesDesign? Cases are built really tough, will last a long time and are fancy and unique!

Why do you need to purchase this item? ツ

About case:

❃ All Cases are made from high quality eco-friendly lightweight tough plastic.
❃ Design will cover cases fully.
❃ There are high resolution images on the cases that make your macbook looks excellent, even after using for a long time.
❃ Cases give you full access to all the macbook buttons and ports.
❃ High quality lightweight plastic will protect your device from scratches and abrasion.
❃ Cases are slim and neat, so they perfectly fit the macbook providing a marvelous look!
❃ Made of plastic, not a sticker.

My cases are available for:
☻ MacBook Air 11” A1465, A1370
☻ MacBook 12” A14534 (2015)
☻ MacBook Air 13” A1369, A1466
☻ MacBook Air 13 2018 A1932
☻ MacBook Air 13 2020 A2179, A2337
☻ MacBook Pro 13” A1278
☻ MacBook Pro Retina 13” A1502, A1425
☻ MacBook Pro Retina 15” A1398
☻ MacBook Pro 13 2016 A1708
☻ MacBook Pro 13 2017 A1706
☻ MacBook Pro 13 2018 A1989
☻ MacBook Pro 13 2019 A2159
☻ MacBook Pro 13 2020 A2251, A2289, A2338
☻ Macbook Pro 14 2021 A2442
☻ MacBook Pro 15 2016 A1707☻ MacBook Pro 15” A1286
☻ MacBook Pro 15 2018 2019 A1990
☻ MacBook Pro 16 2019 A2141
☻ MacBook Pro 16 2021 A2485